We are able to bring our hand built wood fired oven in our tastefully converted vintage horse box to your event, party or show. We specialise in alfresco dining, all we need is space to set up as our cooking medium is fire.

Cooking is in the blood with the Cacciatore family only moving to the UK from Sicily in the 1960s. Our skills in Pizza Oven management and pizza making have been learnt through family and many friends made on our return trips to see family in Italy.

Cacciatores Pizzas are made from traditional Sicilian recipes handed down from mother to daughter. Simple recipes coupled with fantastic ingredients give a great pizza experience. Your Pizza will be created to order and will take about five minutes from dough ball to ten inch Pizza. The bases of the Pizzas are hand stretched and topped with our home made tomato sauce and then your choice of topping. Our Pizzas are then cooked in the traditional wood fired Pizza oven at temperatures of 450 C which gives a lovely crispy crust.
Whether you love the humble Margherita or want to experience our taste tingling Sicilian we will make you a Pizza you cant refuse

You can contact Gabriella and Simon at